Careers Education at Chigwell

Careers Stages – what happens and when

IIIrd Form – dedicated careers session in PHSE

IVth Form – dedicated careers sessions in PHSE

Removes – Talk by Head of Sixth Form ‘where are you heading?’; advice on GCSE choices; Careers & HE Convention

LVth – Careers & HE Convention, invitations to relevant guest speakers & events

UVth – Advice on A Level choices, options evening, careers testing, careers guidance interview, sign up to Unifrog, Careers & HE Convention, A Level taster day, talk by Head of Sixth Form on progression, medic talk, law talk, invitation to relevant guest speakers, 6th Form Open Evening

LVIth – UCAS fair, sixth form transition talk, Unifrog university shortlists, UCAS Options evening, Careers & HE Convention, UCAS applications support, medic talk, law talk, Apprenticeship assembly

MVIth – UCAS applications & submission advice, Mock Medical Interview Evening, Careers & HE Convention

Events and Talks

Alongside these year-specific careers activities there are regular talks and competitions which are open to students across the school. These include the Williams Project (a fortnightly speaker society designed to give Chigwell pupils and staff the chance to learn from experts, outside the classroom and in an informal environment), the Howard and Mitchell Essay Competition and the ‘Meet the Future’ talks given by OCs.

We also run a specialised programme for students interested in studying medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine. This programme is open to all students from any year group with an interest in studying these areas. They are invited along for talks and mock interviews, as well as practicing skills like the Multi Mini Interview (MMI), which is now being widely used by medical schools in their selection processes.

Careers & HE Convention

Our Careers & HE Convention is an annual event which has been running for a number of years and has grown bigger every year. The most recent Convention took place in March 2019 and was bigger and better than ever. For the first time we had a number of representatives from Higher Education institutions and training providers including Queen Mary University, King’s College, Investment2020, Quest Professional and the Swiss Education Group, and students looking to break from conventional degrees had the chance to meet with staff from the newly established London Interdisciplinary School.

We also had over 30 representatives from local and national companies along to offer their knowledge and guidance, including: Ryanair, Barclays, ABTOT, ITN Solicitors, The Sanger Institute and Opinari LTD, covering roles in law, architecture, engineering, finance, medicine, aviation, veterinary medicine and artificial intelligence – to name but a few!

Students got to practice their networking skills as well as receiving valuable information and guidance on their future career plans.

The Chigwell Careers Network

We have launched a new network on LinkedIn with the aim of connecting our sixth form students to professionals in their areas of career interest, and we invite you to join.

With the Network we hope:

  • To create a careers-supportive network between current students and OCs, parents and other professionals with links to the School.
  • To facilitate work experience and job shadowing opportunities.
  • Current students can approach Network members for advice relating to specific professional and industry areas
  • To strengthen the Schools contacts and allow for a broader spectrum of volunteers to events such as the Careers Convention, mock med interviews, Meet the Future talks, Williams Project and other events.

It is a closed Network on LinkedIn and potential members will be asked to state their link to Chigwell School and their area of business before their request is approved.

Contact Miss Darkin for more details: [email protected]

OCs can also offer their support by contacting the Development Office. Further details can be found here.

Destinations – where our careers advice can take our students

Our careers guidance can be measured by the pathways our students take after leaving our Sixth Form:

Post 18 Destinations UK Universities Overseas Universities Other HE Course Deferred University Entry (Gap year) Retakes (A Levels) Apprenticeships Employment
2019 Leavers 69 5 1 4 2 1 1