Helping the next generation

Bursaries provide financial support for children who show great promise in the entrance exam process, but whose families could not otherwise afford to send them to Chigwell School.

In addition, the Chigwell School Bursary Fund provides financial support to families whose children did not join the School with an assisted place, but whose circumstances have since changed.

Changing lives through Bursaries

Zach Bacon, Class of 2014

Zach Bacon, Bursary recipient – Class of 2014

“Attending Chigwell School had many benefits, benefits that represented true differences from alternate paths that were available to me at 11, ultimately shaping my life trajectory.”


“One of the key benefits was the supportive learning environment. The small class sizes, attentive nature of the teachers and the all-round caring environment meant that I was not allowed to fall behind. Most importantly, no doors of opportunity were closed.             

It was only heading into sixth form that I truly began to narrow down on subject matter that I was passionate about – this process being aided by the number of extra-curricular activities available at Chigwell. For me, the William’s Project and the Geography Society gave me a clear indication of my passions, which led me to attend the London School of Economics. Firstly as an undergraduate, studying Geography with Economics and later as a postgraduate, studying Local Economic Development, after being awarded a full scholarship.”

8% of pupils across the School are currently benefiting from bursaries

“I support the Bursary Fund campaign because the School’s mission remains as true today as it did for Samuel Harsnett nearly 400 years ago. We need to support those children who possess talent, ability and dedication, but who also lack the financial means to benefit from the educational experience Chigwell School can offer.”

Michael Punt, Headmaster


“I credit Chigwell with my academic achievements but also my confidence.”

Bursary recipient – Class of 2014

“I wanted to thank Chigwell for the fantastic opportunities it has given me because of my bursary.  I am determined to make everyone proud of me.”

Bursary recipient – Class of 2018

“I had been a recipient of a Chigwell bursary throughout my whole school career and this allowed me to appreciate the amazing facilities and fantastic teaching that Chigwell had to offer.

I am now currently studying at Imperial College London, and can say for certain that without my bursary I would definitely not be in the same position I am in today. I will always be eternally grateful for the opportunities Chigwell has given me.”

Bursary recipient – Class of 2018

“We cannot thank you enough for giving her this opportunity. Her life has almost certainly been changed by the hard work, time, effort and attention from your wonderful teachers. Chigwell really is a special place.”

Bursary recipient parent – Class of 2019