Something for everyone

Art, design and technology for life

Creativity is extremely important. Being able to think and work independently are valuable skills, and at Chigwell School we encourage our pupils to explore their own and other people’s creativity in a variety of ways.
In art and design, the pupils engage with various activities using a range of artistic and design media that develop their practical, intellectual and aesthetic skills. All pupils produce interesting and personal work that reflects their individuality, thoughts, feelings and ideas.

The art department has four large art and design studios, with a wide range of facilities that enable the pupils to use painting, drawing, digital media (using iMac computers) collage, sculpture, photography (both analogue and digital) and printing to create their artwork. These facilities are available after school and at certain times during the holidays and at weekends.

There is also a gallery area in school that hosts several exhibitions throughout the year by pupils and other professional artists and designers. The gallery also forms a part of the department’s enrichment programme, that is offered to all pupils in both the Senior and Junior schools. This lively programme also includes practical workshops, visits and lectures by a variety of people that are designed to enhance each person’s appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of art and design. Where possible, parents and staff also participate in these activities and we have a notable history of organising exhibitions at the school of work by staff and parents. All our pupils are also encouraged to take advantage of our close proximity to London, to visit art galleries and to enjoy the cultural life of the Capital.

The power of drama

Drama is the key to developing creativity and the inter-personal skills which are so essential in modern life – the ability to speak in public, to communicate with other people, to work in teams and to resolve conflicts.

Drama can also introduce pupils to a range of texts from Ancient Greece, to Shakespeare to modern texts. It can assist and support in the teaching of many other subjects such as English, History, Classics and PSHE.  Pupils study drama on the curriculum until the end of Year 9 but there is also a range of extra-curricular plays which are available to all.  In addition, many pupils opt for LAMDA and lessons take place in the Drama Centre.

Chigwell has its own state-of-the-art 150 seat theatre designed for the use of the whole School. In addition to the main auditorium it includes a green room, rehearsal and teaching spaces, dressing rooms and a foyer.

Past School productions include: The Crucible, The Arabian Nights, Selections from Berkoff, The Canterbury Tales, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, James and the Giant Peach, The Rocky Horror Show, The Cagebirds, Romeo and Juliet, Extremeties, Faultlines, Krave, Dream On, Granny Must Die, Be My Baby, Oedipus the King, Alice in Wonderland and many more


With 3 orchestras, 3 bands, 8 choirs and numerous smaller ensembles ranging from flute groups to a rock group, Chigwell has a thriving music department which is always buzzing with activity. Located in the Walde Music School which has 2 classrooms, 6 practice rooms and a purposely set up drum room, the department, consisting of 4 full time members of staff, 23 instrumental specialists and an administrator, is dedicated to encouraging as many pupils as possible to be involved in music making.

Extra-curricular music never stops at Chigwell and pupils benefit from the many performing opportunities, whether in a prom for their year group, a more formal school concert, in a service, in the Chigwell Musician of the Year Competition, or in the annual choral concert at Christchurch Spittlefields. Recent tours abroad have included Malta, the Rhineland and Barcelona and interested students are regularly taken to concerts in London.