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collapse Start Time : 23/04/2014 ‎(11)
23/04/2014 00:00IV Form Salters' Festival of Chemistry
all day
University College London
23/04/2014 00:00St George's Day
23/04/2014 00:00Passover (final day) Jewish
23/04/2014 07:30LII Geography Residential Field Trip to Holt Hall, Norfolk, departs
23/04/2014 08:30On your marks, get set, cook!
III Form (periods 1 and 2)
New Hall
23/04/2014 11:30Sports Nutrition Talk
IV Form
New Hall
23/04/2014 13:25III and IV Form Pupil Tutorials
23/04/2014 14:00Cricket v City of London (H)
1st XI, 2nd XI
23/04/2014 15:00Tennis (girls) v Bancroft's (A)
U18 IV
23/04/2014 16:00Rounders v Bancroft's (A)
1st IX
23/04/2014 19:00Ecuador Trip parents meeting
New Hall
collapse Start Time : 24/04/2014 ‎(5)
24/04/2014 00:00Art GCSE Examinations
all day
24/04/2014 00:00A2 PE Moderation
24/04/2014 12:50III and IV Form Tutors Meeting
24/04/2014 14:00Senior School House Cricket
Rem, LV
24/04/2014 19:00Careers Convention
New Hall
collapse Start Time : 25/04/2014 ‎(6)
25/04/2014 00:00Art GCSE Examinations
all day
25/04/2014 15:30Pre Prep Film Night
' Frozen'
Pre Prep
25/04/2014 16:00Cricket v Loughton (H)
25/04/2014 16:15Senior School House Water Polo (boys)
25/04/2014 17:30LII Geography Residential Trip returns
25/04/2014 19:30UV English theatre trip
'A View from the Bridge'
The Young Vic, London
collapse Start Time : 26/04/2014 ‎(6)
26/04/2014 09:00Rounders v St Edmund's and Highgate (A)
U12A, U12B
26/04/2014 09:00Tennis (girls) v St Edmund's and Highgate (A)
26/04/2014 09:00Tennis (girls) v Forest (H)
U18/U15 VIII
26/04/2014 09:00VI Form Mock Examination resits
New Hall
26/04/2014 11:00Cricket v Colchester RGS (H)
1st XI, U12A
26/04/2014 11:00Cricket v Colchester RGS (A)
2nd XI pending, U14A, U13A
collapse Start Time : 27/04/2014 ‎(2)
27/04/2014 00:00The Second Sunday of Easter
27/04/2014 00:00Yom Hashoah: The Jewish Holocaust Memorial Day
collapse Start Time : 28/04/2014 ‎(10)
28/04/2014 00:00Football ISFA U11 7-a-side National Finals
all day
St George's Park
28/04/2014 09:00MFL Controlled Assessments Week: French and German Speaking
28/04/2014 11:30Sports Nutrition talk for IV Form
New Hall
28/04/2014 13:25III and IV Form Pupil Tutorials
28/04/2014 16:15Academic Department Meetings
28/04/2014 16:15Cricket v St Aubyn’s (A)
28/04/2014 16:15KS2 HODS meeting
28/04/2014 16:15Golf v Old Chigwellians
Chigwell Golf Club
28/04/2014 16:30Rounders v Forest (A)
1st IX, 2nd IX
28/04/2014 20:00GCSE Drama theatre trip
'39 Steps'
The Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly
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