Age 7+

Our life at Chigwell

By Katie Vallance, Hari Vadher and Jackson Eyre (Lower 1M)

When you are at Chigwell you feel proud to be a Chigwellian. Our classroom is bright and decorated with our work and lovely displays, and our teachers are kind. We have made lots of new friends and we have plenty of time during play and lunch to chat to our friends in the junior school. We get lots of rewards – sometimes certificates or house points for doing a good piece of work.
Today we have had games for a double period. We play football and hockey and netball at the moment, but at other times of the year we change to new sports. After a cold games lesson we get to go into the warm classroom and relax with some maths – our favourite subject! We practise our mental maths and then sometimes we have a practical lesson and sometimes we even work in our books – at the moment we are making a treasure map for grid references with questions for our partner to solve.
Next it’s English, where we are being real authors and making a non-fiction book on the Romans, using our knowledge from history and a school trip we went on recently. Then it’s time for the brilliant lunch! There is a big selection of foods. Afterwards we go out and play with toys and our friends in the playground or on the fields.
Most days we read after lunch to improve our reading and relax after playing outside. On Friday we have golden time instead. It is a time when we can play with our own toys in the classroom after a fun week of learning. No-one wants to lose golden time minutes! There are lots of after school clubs you can go to with your friends.