Staff Panto

Staff Panto raises £2,000!

Chaos descended on Chigwell School Drama Centre as the staff put on their biennial pantomime on 12th and 13th January.

Quite why Widow Twanky, Director of Drama Joe Maingot, was wielding an inflatable hammer was never explained and how an air-banjo performance of When I’m Cleaning Windows furthered the plot of Aladdin was not clear, but that did not matter to the audience who thoroughly enjoyed seeing their teachers appear in the unfamiliar guises of Attila the Hun, Hitler and Dracula.
Modern Languages Teacher Mr Ogle gave a masterly performance as the Chinese villain Skee Ming, complete with outrageous accent, ably assisted by Lynn Richbell as his assistant Wong Way. All lived happily ever after thanks largely to the machinations of Drama Teacher Janey Foster who played the Princess Oh Wow.

Headmaster Michael Punt, who gave a cameo performance as The Emperor, thanked everyone for their hard work and congratulated them on raising £2000 which will be shared between two of our local charities, Haven House and Elhap.