Learning +

Learning+ is a school initiative to help and encourage students to develop their academic and intellectual interests beyond lessons. By taking part in some of the programmes we hope that they will:

- Learn lots of fascinating things, and come into contact with important and stimulating ideas and people
  • - Do better in lessons and exams
  • - Begin earlier to sort out their thinking about what to study at University (or whether to go at all)

The elements of Learning+ are:

        • The Williams Project, named after Sir Bernard Williams, one of the foremost British philosophers of the 20th century, and an Old Chigwellian. It provides opportunities for students to broaden and deepen their intellectual lives, encouraging the realisation that thought is not divided into school subjects. We hold meetings after school every Tuesday of Week B, in two sections: IIIrd and IVth form (4:15-5:15), and Senior School (5:30-6:30). (In the Trinity Term we hold just the one session, 4:15-5:15, for all ages.)
        The full programme for the term is published in the school calendar and around the school, as part of an Academic Lecture Programme which also includes talks run by other societies and departments. 

  • Chigwell Academic News, a collection of email groups to which any student can sign up. There is a wide range of subjects available, from school ones like biology and English to university subjects like medicine, law, philosophy, sociology and architecture. Chigwell teachers use the CAN to share interesting articles they find online: it’s a great resource.
  • The Pilot, the school’s academic and creative journal. It publishes a wide range of high-quality academic essays, opinion-pieces, short stories, poetry and artwork from students, teachers, and visiting speakers. Miss Crossland is editing the next edition, so please get in touch with her if you would like to submit something. The published magazine also constitutes an excellent resource.