The School Curriculum


The academic curriculum at Chigwell includes all those activities designed to promote the intellectual, personal, social, physical, spiritual and moral development of our pupils. It includes not only the formal programme of lessons, but the informal programme which includes extra-curricular activities and all the features contributing to the School’s ethos.  Our curriculum aims to offer each pupil breadth, balance, coherence, relevance, differentiation and progression, with the ultimate goal of every pupil fulfilling his or her academic potential in public examinations.

We have high academic expectations of all of our pupils and the pace of work is sustained and challenging. We expect our pupils to work hard and to take their studies seriously.  We aim to give individual help and support to pupils of exceptional ability, who may need stretching, and to those who find some areas of the work more difficult.  At Chigwell our aim is to offer a core of subjects with an element of increased choice for pupils as they progress through the school. We aim to be as flexible as we can in order to provide a choice of subjects that is appropriate to each individual pupil.

Further details are given in the Pre Prep Curriculum Policy, the Junior School Curriculum Policy and the Senior School Curriculum Policy.